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What is A Taste of Rhetoric?

This web page is a brief examination into the art and science of rhetoric, specifically Aristotle's classic definition of speaking before an audience. I am fascinated by the study of rhetoric and its ability to motivate people and hope that this page can convey just a little bit of that fascination. The site is divided into four major categories.

First, there is a brief history of rhetoric, including some of the major theories influencing public communication. Then there are some of the more helpful speaking tips I have collected through my years of speaking and studying. Next, I added some of my favorite quotes for you to savor. Finally, there is a brief list of links to help the avid rhetorician learn even more.

Even if you do not find rhetoric as exciting as I do, I hope you take the time to enjoy the site. Maybe you will find something that will entice you to discover even more about communication. Feel free to use any of the information enclosed herein, but please try to credit the sources. The study of rhetoric is thousands of years old and its contributors deserve to be recognized.

Speaker © Stephen Fournier 2001

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